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    Yichu Academy is a full-time learning center,

    providing customized curricula and activities for students to

    develop lifelong learning ability and make a great difference to the world.

    We believe every student has unlimited potential.

    Be your true self

    Be your own master!

    One Education

    Creating leaders that care

    Cultivate the innovators and global citizens of tomorrow

    See what your students can create with the will and skills to make change

  • Our Mission

    Society needs open-minded, passionate, innovative risk-takers to lead us through the 21st century. We at One Education give students, from all backgrounds, the ability to stand up and become such a leader.

  • What Sets Us Apart

    Utilizing our professional expertise, our custom-designed content, and our local & global partners, students can begin independently addressing social problems within their local communities


    Passionate educators with experience around the globe


    Our curriculum is informed by the best practices in education innovation


    We have both local and international partners who help enrich our student experience

  • Testimonials

    We are not satisfied unless every stakeholder in our programs is too.

    Here are some different perspectives in what it is like to work with us.


    "Through the Experiential Learning program, I may not have made a project which would change the world, but I was inspired to become a social entrepreneur"




    Sara Wang

    High School Student


    "Having worked with One Education since 2014, I can attest to the professionalism of Shell, Tracy and all their staff, and their willingness to modify their content in order to meet the needs of our students and teachers"


    Chase Vaughn

    International School Principal


    "MOMENTUM was an unforgettable experience, where I met fantastic teachers and interesting people"





    Pearl Su Tong

    International School Student


    "I truly appreciate how One Education’s curriculum enabled my daughters to fully discover their potential, inspire them to be socially responsible citizens, and help them to develop critical skills"



    Mrs. Peng

    High School Parent

  • Our Network

    We are constantly seeking out new partners and avenues to promoting our vision.






    Student Projects


    Social Enterprise / NGO / Corporate Partners

  • Contact us

    We are available to chat or to come and meet you at your school




    B1-01, Building B, Science & Technology Building, Tsinghua Science Park, Beijing