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  • What We Offer Students and Schools

    Our programs offer a range of benefits, here are some of the highlights

    Student Profile Boost

    The skills involved in participating in social innovation are vast, important, and bound to turn Admission Officers' heads.

    Curriculum Enrichment

    Social Innovation is informed by lots of the subjects students learn in class. Why not take this knowledge outside of the classroom?

    Meeting Curriculum Standards

    You can count on a program which will help students meet the demanding requirements of CAS, Duke of Edinburgh and so on.




  • Our Tools

    These are the essential ingredients which contribute to making our programs uniquely effective.

    Social Innovation

    Design a better society

    Students decide on a social issue they would like to tackle, and develop their empathy, creativity, mobility and civic awareness as they try to find a solution for it.

    Design Thinking

    Innovate like pros

    This world-renowned innovation tool can be found at the center of all of our programs. This tool condenses the complexities of design into a very easily understood set of stages.

    Project-Based Learning

    Practical, fun learning

    Focusing on their project, students have the opportunities to develop a range of skills and formulate a thorough understanding of their subject.

    Interest-Based Learning

    Character development

    We let students use their interests. The fusion of interest means that students will take a personal investment in the success of their project, and can feel proud in a project which genuinely represents them as people.

    Learning by Doing

    Take action

    Classrooms can be a dangerously safe place. For all their uses, there are certain things that can certainly be better understood through experience. We take students out of their comfort zone, and redefine it.


    Personalised teaching

    Our one-on-one coaching system allows each student to receive the attention of a personal mentor. We track their progress, in terms of personal growth, project milestones and so forth, working toward their long-term development goals.

  • Our Programs

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    Experiential Learning


    Changemaker Curriculum


    Social Innovation Competition

    Custom Program

  • Experiential Learning Program

    Program Length: 1-2 Weeks / 40+ hours

    Experiential Learning Program

    Take your students out of the classroom and allow them to learn through their local community. With a combination of custom activities, partner workshop and designed trips, your students will learn about the problems society is facing and how to effectively provide a service to relieve it.


    • Foster a connection to your community with our local partners and community based activities
    • Promote empathy on campus by giving your students an array of new perspectives
    • Give your students the inspiration to become leaders or change makers within their local and global communities.

    Program Length: 6-18 Months


    Social Innovation Competition

    MOMENTUM is a nationwide, social innovation competition for middle and high school students. Running from February to August, with an incubator attached for committed entrants, students will be guided through the process of social innovation using our online curriculum, mentors and much more.


    • Students have the opportunity to earn funding, incubation and opportunities with the UNDP.
    • With top professionals from the US and beyond attached as mentors and judges, students have the opportunity to earn valuable contacts and possibly even reccomendations.
    • All students who enter the competition have the potential to work with One Education on their project for a sustained period beyond the competition.
  • Changemaker Curriculum

    Program Length:

    16 Online Courses (2 Hours in Total)

    Online Curriculum

    Our Changemaker Curriculum is a a custom-made, 16 part online course which gets students from '0' to '1' on a social innovation project. Designed to be interactive and entertaining, yet quite thorough, this can give your students the opportunity to learn about and engage in social innovation independent of any other resources.


    • Our curriculum provides students with an entry point into social innovation that simply cannot be found elsewhere from a convenience and quality standpoint.
    • This product can be flexibly used. You can purchase it for a select group of students, or it can be used school-wide within your curriculum. 
    • Students using our online curriculum can form an 'M-Hub' social entrepreneur society, and avail of some discounted rates for other One Education services. 
  • Custom Program

    Program Length: Flexible

    Customized Program

    Like what you see but haven't found exactly what you're looking for? Then this is the program for you.


    We work closely with partner schools to design a program that can meet your specific needs and incorporate different elements of our various programs

    Features available include:

    • Teacher Training
    • Online Curriculum
    • Curriculum Consulting
    • Partner Workshops
    • On Site Support
    • Experiential Learning Trips
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