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  • New Sunshine @ Western Academy of Beijing

    When one of their team members spent some time in a children's hospital, they realized what an underappreciated problem Leukemia is in China. They decided that these children could use a regular outlet to enjoy themselves, and so they set up a society within school devoted exactly doing so. Students scheduled dance shows, musical performances, art exhibitions and much more.


    Through MOMENTUM, they've also started to explore more innovative solutions, such as a more effective bone marrow donation system.

    How We Met Them:


    Where They Are Now:

    Their project continues to thrive, while they are now even co-operating with businesses to provide large scale change for their stakeholders!

  • Sara Wang

    Sara attended a Chinese High School, and was frustrated with the exam-focused nature of the system. When we came to her school, she took her opportunity to shine, and led an impressive project aimed at making medical care more accessible for the public. Sara is a shining example of what our style of education can unlock in a student.

    How We Met Her:

    Experiential Learning

    Where She Is Now:

    Sara is now studying Entrepreneurship at Babson College in the US.

  • The "Pioneer Team"

    "How do we encourage people to start composting at home?" This was the question posed by this team of students. Their solution: incentives! Not just for the public, but also for organic farms. Those who composted would have their compost delivered to a local organic farm to be used as fertiliser, and in exchange would be given organic vegetables for their trouble! Without the structure of a school behind them, these students stand out to us as an example of how effective our online course can be even without supplemental support.

    How We Met Them:



    Change Maker Curriculum

    Where They Are Now:

    Their project has sustained through their high school years as a social enterprise.

  • Sophia Peng

    Intrigued by Japanese culture, Sophia was disapointed by the widespread biases against Japanese people in China, and decided she wanted to try and change that. Working with a One Education mentor, she launched the “Mirror and Bridge” project that brought together Chinese and Japanese students in both countries and facilitating dialogue on Sino-Japan relations. Through her organisation of the project, Sophia also built a network consisting of professors, journalists and various opinion leaders on the topic, later inspiring her decision to study Foreign Studies.

    How We Met Her:

    Custom School Program

    Where She Is Now:

    Studying Foreign Studies at Georgetown University.

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